200 Business Startup Tips

Business Startup Tips

200 Business Startup Tips.


Our 200 Free Business Startup Tips Worth £7500 Will Save You Years Of Research.

#1 Business Startup Tips #1

1. Never market to the world. Find your target market and save money.

2. Give first, sell second. Some people give a free pdf or a valuable video when giving something first. A free pdf or video can save you money as you never have to keep paying for a video or pdf, don’t you just love the digital world.  A pdf or video can even help build more trust for you.

3. Find the right colours for your business. E.g, logo, business cards, and even web sites. keep it consistent.

4. Please do not give up if something don’t work out. It’s the idea that didn’t work not you. Keep going and don’t give up. We don’t have enough people in the world that even want to try, so you still got one over on them tomorrow.

5. People laugh because it’s a surprise, they laugh because they did not suspect it. Make people laugh when acceptable in advertising. This will get them talking about your brand, the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

6. If you are not failing, you are not making progress. That’s how you become great at it, you know what works and what don’t.

7. Don’t be boring with advertising, you don’t want an average business.

8. You may have the most amazing advertisement, but your sales page sucks and pushes people away. Please fix this problem fast. One of my best tips this.

9. Good product and service providers get a lot of their business by referral. If  like me, I tell all my friends about good businesses and people. Look after everyone you do business with.

10. How much of your business comes from word of mouth. If every client tends to send three more friends at around the same value, your £1000 customer just became a £4000 customer.

#2 Business Startup Tips #2

1. If you can afford to give some profit to workers, then do it. They will work better for you if you do it right. I will let you get creative.

2. Bad energy in your life = bad energy in your business. People will spot this problem. Never pass bad energy to others.

People with emotional intelligence will spot bad energy first, emotional intelligence is one of my top tips so please write this down. Please watch this video after you read my 200 tips. This video could help grow your business by 20%.

3. Don’t do everything for money, do things for your customers. If some people stash anymore money under the bed they might have a problem as there backside will touch the light bulb. Show your customers you do care about them by giving back.

4. People know you are a social businessman if you like to give back. This will go a long way for you.

5. When advertising on your web site, it’s not what can you advertise, its what do your customers need.

6. Be the middle-man in business when learning. You have less or nothing to lose. If you’re going to fail fail responsibly.

7.  Keep learning new things in your game of business. If someone needs you, then you can pick your own wage because you know so much.

8. Watch the government laws. Please subscribe to email newsletters in the industry you work in. You must do this.

9. Try to get people together to buy in larger amounts to save money. Its business, please do not pay high prices as they need you more sometimes.

10. Do not bother going into a business that takes most of your time for a small return. It will run you down. No one deserves to be run down in life.

#3 Business Startup Tips #3

1. Always become the observer, step back and take a look at the bigger picture on every deal and idea.

2. Go with your gut feeling, it’s not what you think, it’s what you feel. “Kevin Green Quote”.

3. Sometimes the big profits are when you sell a business. Some businesses are not worth selling, keep them safe.

4. You get more people interested to buy your business on the way up, and less when it’s at its full potential.

5. Be honest, don’t be clever or it’ll come back and get you.

6. Say YES or NO. Never use maybe, this saves you time and hassle.

7. Comfortable people will probably never change. A frog down a well only sees his piece of the sky. If you like something, then do it. Don’t be a frog.

8. If you got to pay for teaching, then pay it. The best investment is in yourself. knowledge pays your bills.

9. Don’t price too high, price lower, but get the right price. Offer customers three prices. Not everybody wants the cheapest product, offer a strip down version of your product and offer an upgrade version of your product.

10. Don’t beg. Buyers hate beggars so please be honest.

#4 Business Startup Tips #4

1. If cleaning a car you are selling could get you an extra £150, then keep things clean. It’s just lazy leaving it. It shows you’re not reliable.

2. Respect comes from winning. Try win every time.

3. Never sell too low, they will want it low next time.

4. Protect your online reputation, reply back to everyone’s comments. Unless there aggressive then block them.

5. Tell people before you do something. E.g. Hey guys tomorrow we will be giving one lucky winner the chance to win a TV. Click here for more information.

6. People love photos, use photos on your website and social media walls. Tip. Facebook likes photos that only has 20% text. Try to keep your image within this 20%. This may change so please research this.

7. Use buzz words like, FREE. LOOK. WIN. QUICK. LAST CHANCE.

8. If you post a video on social media you can try to apply it like this. VIDEO. Cat Scares Dog.

Put the word video before your post link. Let users know what it is. Please test what works for you. You can even put the length. Example. 0:20 sec. This tells the mind it will not take much time.

9. Same with photo links. E.g. PHOTO. 1 million pennies.

10. Try to keep your links around 25% or 90% the way down in comments and posts when marketing.

#5 Business Startup Tips #5

1. Use #1 #2 #3 #4 on all your videos. Or Part One, Part Two. This will remind people what video they left at so they can come back later. It now lets people know you have more than one video so you got more chance of getting them to view the rest.

2. Negative feedback is good feedback. It lets you change things in and around your business. Welcome with open arms. I love negative feedback, it’s awesome.

3. Allow people to post content to your blog and social media walls if you have a website. They will feel it’s safer and will trust you more.

4. When people leave a posts on your wall, their friends see it too. That’s viral reach.

5. To build a community you need to listen and respond to the community.

6. People use Facebook because they want to be heard. Asking people questions will get them talking. This now gives them and yourself what you want.

7. Don’t forget to tag people in comments, this gets more views and engagement.

8. Recycle your most successful posts to re-engage fans.

9. You do not want to think too far into the year about your content. About four weeks.

10. Bring new fans back into your most brilliant and engaging content.

#6 Business Startup Tips #6

1. You can try copy and paste old posts and try modify it with new words by using new headlines. The new headline may work better.

2. Do not recycle recent content all the time, fans will feel like they are seeing re-posted content too frequently and this can make them leave. Recycle older content. Post the same status five times over a length of time.

3. Investing in old posts that already have a high engagement rate is more likely to give you the best return for your money. Do not go with what your mind thinks, go with data backed insights.

4. If you own a business you must have a website and social media pages. Do this next week.

5. Most importantly you must have a blog. Blogs help you get noticed more in search engines.

6. Submit many articles to your blog. Articles are powerful in building links to your website.

7. The more articles you write the better, as articles are published by other people. They will post your URL. Writing articles don’t cost you anything, just a little time. Please do not forget keywords and phrases in your web content.

8. Have a link to your website homepage on your blog posts. Small tip. Photos that say click here get better returns than text links. Please write this down. Make the photo a clickable photo. Keep that tip a secret.

9. Blogging and adding fresh content will make search engines like google crawl your blog.

10. Be patient and follow SEO tips and steps consistently. Your website will not rank high over night. Consistently work hard at writing good articles. How to blog post are good as people search how to all the time.

#7 Business Startup Tips #7

1. Choose a steady network to market. Twitter Facebook and YouTube are my choice. Test all social sites and see what gives you the best results.

2. Focus on a release schedule. Find out from your insights when a bulk of your audience is online and deliver good content at times they’re most likely to be online and engage with it.

3. Keep up with trends. Quality is often dictated by the viewer not the poster.

4. Sharing and commenting on other people’s material puts you smack-dab in middle of the social experience.

5. Ask people for engagement. “Click here” or “Read this” or “Please share”. The Call To Action is one of the best ways any internet marketer induces follow through after the material is released.

6. Remember social media is being viewed by real people. Do not be a robot, oil the way you do things, or might rust up.

7. Find out what you’re doing correctly and incorrectly, by doing this you can double down on what’s working to increase your odds of success.

8. Big mistake I see people doing is not having real goals. Start with goals from the start.

Lots of people fail because they spend all week looking at the goal, spent some time looking at the steps to get the goal, then start doing them. Forget about the goal and focus on the steps, you might change your plan halfway up to something better.

9. Don’t use social media for pure advertising. Social media feeds that are full of promotional posts will quickly drive away any audience. Red Bull is a good example of how it should be done. Sell with fun and give a buzz.

10. It’s called social media for a reason. It’s for Socialising and News. Advertising should be natural not spam.

#8 Business Startup Tips #8

1. Never start strong then become less frequent. Keep your work and social media strong at all times.

2. Always try a handful of marketing 8-15 different ways. Ask people how they come to find you and please take note of this.

3. Something that works great on Facebook might be a complete bomb on Twitter. Keep testing each platform until you discover what works best for your brand. Twitter fans might like news and facebook fans might like fun photos.

4. Do not always post the same content on all social media platforms. Mix things up.

5. Always answer people’s questions. People are now starting to use social media for a quicker response for support. Why would they call 089000 numbers that cost them money when they know social media networks can work just as good.  Tip. Have an FAQ on your website to save your team time. Tip 2. Try use FAQ videos if you can. Take some stress away from your team with them easy tips. People are people with real feeling, people are not numbers.

6. Tackle your workspace and remove clutter on your desk. Keep only what you need and remove the piles of paper stacked to the roof. Clean space = clean mind = new ideas. Please remember piles of paper are also a fire hazard. Please be safe and keep your team safe.

7. Weekly facts on your social media pages always works well if you need some content.

8. Play games with people. E.g. Do you know the location of this beach, or, how much do you think this is worth.

9. A mistake many business owners are doing now is spending all day on social media. Don’t forget to concentrate on the most important things first. Use HootSuite or buffer to fix this problem. Check back at peak times to reply.

10. Quickly create content about breaking news in your market for your blog. You can always share the same news with a new headline if you’re stuck for time.

#9 Business Startup Tips #9

1. A study showed that around 43% of online business’s picked getting traffic as the number one problem they needed help on.

2. Without traffic you haven’t got an online business.

3. Take advantage of free classified adverts. Just search for them keyword in google.

4. Pay other people for jobs that do not make your business money or takes a great deal of your time away. This now lets you go make the bigger money.

5. Ad exchanges are good. You put someone’s website on yours in exchange for yours on theirs.

6. Never spam your links everywhere. Google will know you did. Google don’t like broken links.

7. Ask your friends and followers to share and like your links. Google like social media sites. Earning links to your website are key.

8. Get involved in other people’s convocation. Try end the convocation with a link for them to click. E,g. It’s been really nice chatting with you, why not check out my website here for more information on this. Enter the link then end the chat with have a good week or hope you like it. See how you got content with your link, this now tells google it’s not spam, and you don’t look like spam to users. Be real.

9. Remember, people are watching your convocation online, you might not think this but they are. They will also be clicking on your links that you post too. People do this because they do not want to feel like they are missing out on something that can benefit them.

10. Try to find groups that are talking about the same business, products, or services as yours. Don’t leave that group without leaving your link. Remember what I said, do not be a spam user.

#10 Business Startup Tips #10

1. If you have insights for something new that’s going to help you build your relationship fast. Share this with your fans before someone else does.

2. Keep away from groups that just get spam and links you don’t want to click. You want the groups with nice people that chat and reply.

3. Forums are just as good as groups. Never forget that link at the end or middle of the chat.

4. Make sure your link takes them to a capture page, or an amazing sales page.

5. The call to action in a convocation should be like this. Click here for more information. Then, end the chat with a question like, “did you check our link”. After they reply back, ask them this, “what did you think of my site, or, what did you like the best? This now gives you a second chance to win new traffic as most of the time they will need to click your link to give you that reply. Bingo you win.

6. Makes sure your capture page gives them something for free, for example, pdf, video, or a report. You must give people value and a reason why they need it.

7.  After traffic you got to convert them. Giving value to a user makes this easier to win them over.

8. When writing online articles, try to put photos and backlinks in the blog, mix it up. Never forget your keywords for seo.

9. If you don’t know key words or how to write good articles then just search this on Google & YouTube. People love helping people out online. Ask people and more than likely you will receive a reply.

10. Always use your own content an headlines. Never take other people’s just get some ideas from them.

#11 Business Startup Tips #11

1. Giving value doesn’t have to be something to do with business.

2. If you are going on holiday to France, why not use this for social-media. Hey I’m off to France for the first time, do anybody recommend a place to visit, or, What’s it like.

3. Remember business can change. Getting your customers email and having a fan page will keep you safer when moving up or down.

4. Your squeeze page should really be aimed at getting the email and details.

5. Do not keep talking about yourself 100%.

6. Always have a phone number, address, and email on your contact page. People trust this more. Submit your business to Google maps. It’s all free.

7. Networking events can be one the best things to grow your new business that little bit more. You get to meet some handy people too. £20 is money well spent.

8. Keep the right people around you. Do not have negative people in your life.

9. Hashtags after every word is unprofessional, and it looks like spam.

10. Please write everything down. Do your homework and keep your homework. I was reading an article in 2014 and it said the mind only remembers around 10% of what it reads after two weeks. But the mind remembers around 50% of what you see and hears. Use a photo or video.

#12 Business Startup Tips #12

1. People that laugh at what you want to get out of life, or at the things you read are the people who won’t go far in life. great minds talk ideas, small minds talk people. An empty vessel makes the most noise. Keep away from some people.

2. Some people will unsubscribe from your email lists because they feel like you are a robot. Send them a video of you.

3. If you discuss the topic coffee, then tag a leading brand in the content. They might tweet you back too. It works amazing if your fun about it.

4. When someone unsubscribes why not offer them something different they may like. Or ask them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter if they don’t like email. You’ve lost them anyway so might as well give it a bash.

5. Don’t forget to test different titles and photos before you spend money on pay per click. Write this down.

6. When you need something, ask your friends for good contacts. Don’t be tricked by a flashy website. Some people will try and scam you. You will meet the good, if not the best contacts in networking events. “Into Biz Cardiff” is a good one.

7. Don’t suspect big results from free advertising. You must pay for some top advertising.

8. They say to spend about 8% or 12% of your income on advertising. Try new things and keep track.

9. Always ask your leads how they heard about you. Take notes.

10. Photos get more engagement than statuses on facebook.

#13 Business Startup Tips #13

1. The market and demand will always change, you just need to be prepared.

2. Find the truth when something goes wrong.

3. Try to trust the people around you so you get the best out of them.

4. Don’t do things in small steps. Do things big, but play it safe. This can also inspire people around you.

5. It’s only what you don’t know that makes it hard. It’s really easy when you learn.

6. Knowledge is power for your business. Take the step forward when you have it.

7. We can’t always have heads when flipping the coin, sometimes we’ll get it wrong. Learning from failure can only make you better for next time. It’s also nice to give the right advice to others who ask for it.

8. I’d rather not lose any money, but if somehow you do don’t worry about it. My saying is this. I’d rather lose £100 now than £3000 up the line.

9. Learn new things from your competition, see what they can improve and do it.

10. Get an outside prospective on anything you may be struggling with. Don’t guess, respect the knowledge of others.

#14 Business Startup Tips #14

1. Keep bookkeeping up to scratch from day one. Even money you spend on training.

2. Ask the right people for advice, you will be surprised who will help you for free. People are nice like that.

3. Have a daily task list when planning daily tasks. It’s good to keep phones and social media away when doing this.

4. Your google ranking does not have to be number one, just in the top five.

5. Remember your website and social media page is like google. People mostly look at the top of that page and never scroll down. Have an amazing header on your website.

6. Having a real address on your website is better for the search engines.

7. Having videos with keyword on your website gets you listings on search engines. The first is your website. Sometimes your video can rank higher than your website content.

8. Link your website with other search engines.

9. The best way to succeed in business is to be in business, please show off your work.

10. Keep yourself and staff busy, but don’t stress them out. I’d rather be busy than bored. Have an FAQ on your site to take some of the stress away from your team.

#15 Business Startup Tips #15

1. Plan your weekly tweets out. This saves time to do other things later.

2. Weekly facts work wonders. Write 52 down before you commit to it, this can be a fun job for yourself or staff to get them working together as a team. Or you can do them in videos, people love videos. Small tip, get your staff to do the videos, some people trust the staff more than the boss.

3. Be fun. Have a monthly meeting before doing work. Get your staff to discuss a topic they learnt over the weekend. But remember, six people away for 10 minutes is one hour of work time wasted.

4. Always be nice to everyone as this could cost you your business. Your worst customers are the best customers as you can learn how to fix the small problems you may not see right now.

5. Don’t be scared to tweet and talk to people online. They might not have anything to tweet or discuss. You will be helping them out.

6. When selling

You got to find out people’s pain.

Give them a solution.

Give them a time it’ll be completed by.

Do it in a remarkable way.

Charge a flat fee.

Validation must be there at all times, if it’s not it’ll be harder to sell.

7. Be like the news in your headlines. Try to tell the story in 3-5 words only.

8. Be careful about what statuses you LIKE on Facebook&Twitter. People see this.

9. Set milestones then use it for your PR and social media to let everyone know what you achieved.

10. Make your milestones memorable. Milestones can be something simple like, telling people about a new employee. Please use a photo of them if they don’t mind as some people would rather not be in the spotlight. Or a milestones can even be getting 1000 new likes or follows, effectively letting people know your business is doing well.

#16 Business Startup Tips #16

1. Always celebrate your achievements. When telling people about achievements, try to use a photo or video. People like to see real life things. E.g. If you just left a meeting to catch a plain, then show a live photo when you arrive at the airport of the plains.

2. Mondays and Fridays are not really good for new or important content. Mondays are about catching up, and Fridays are all about leaving. Mid week is sometimes the best. Tip. Blog posts get more shares on a Sunday. Please test what works for you.

3. Have photos of your staff if you think this will benefit you on your web-site. I highly recommend it. Like I mentioned just now, some people trust the staff more than the CEO.

4. Always have a U.S.P. Unique Selling Point

5. Try info-graphics when posting photos. E.g, word and image.

6. Play games on your social sites about things you sell. E.g, can you guess how much this ring is worth. If you work in wedding or ring shop.

7. Don’t take other people’s work. If you do, then change it in a whole new way.

8. Change your site layout every three years.

9. Watch flash player on web-sites, flash and pop-ups can slow your site down. People will leave if your site runs slowly.

10. People don’t recommend black as your backgrounds as this leaves shadows in the back. I think black and white works best on some web-sites. If you do use black, then please make sure it’s really smart and sharp. Black can work for some sites, but not all. Black means money they say.

#17 Business Startup Tips #17

1. When you use a phone number or address on your site, try to keep this in the header and footer of your site.

2. Always have a “about us” on your site. I did say having an FAQ will save you or your team time. The last thing you need is people calling up about your price or how it works when it can all go in your FAQ for them to read. This can also save your team time on social media by sending users one link to that page. Having a “about us” will let people know why you do things.

3. Staff feel more attached to the business if you got a photo of them on your web-site. Make everyone feel important and show you care.

Never use words that will make staff feel like the job they got is not important. One I like is, Sarah is a new member of our team. “We feel so honoured Sarah picked us”. Something down this line will work well.

4. It’s called social media, not social selling. They’re here to interact not buy. Selling on social media do work, but you need to do it right.

5. Don’t sell straight away, start a convocation then know the right time to sell.

6. Two monitors during working hours are good. E.g. One for Email and one for research or work. Business startup tip. Only have one if you’re a new business startup to save costs.

7. Always update your web-site if you have one.

8. Tell people when you send email what to do next. E.g, click Here for more info. Please don’t confuse people.

9. Call people that email you, saves you so much time, stick to a time limit, add on an extra two minutes the chatty people like me, I could talk a glass eye to sleep.

10. Most people look online for problems. Be the one to fix it.

#18 Business Startup Tips #18

1. Have fun with comments.

2. Ask customers to tell people about you on their social media walls. Give it time before you ask.

3. Don’t give up. Keep getting involved in things.

4. Google a problem someone has asked, then send them the link to content on your website. This gives you the chance to get involved and it gives you the chance to post a link to your website for them and others.

5. Do videos and lead the way.

6. How to find buyers on twitter. One way is message them. If they try to sell to you straight away, then they may not very good at the job they do. Build a relationship then sell to them later. This trick tells you they may need advice.

7. Your photos must be the right size for when people share them to their feeds. Don’t let them cut out. Use the right photo size by going to Pixlr.com or canva.com and changing them.

8. Try to keep the best and imports stuff at the top of your website. Known as the header.

9. Try to use CamelCase words for hashtags. E.g. #DogCats not #dogcats. The mind can take the text in quicker.

10. People remember memorable things for a long time. This is key, so please do some memorable things.

#19 Business Startup Tips #19

1. Make sure the product or service, or even the method of doing something is memorable. This can be something as simple as wrapping it nice and leaving a note or a fancy bag with free chocolates. We all love chocolates. Below are four lines to use when handing over chocolates.

Life is like a box of chocolates, full of nuts! Chocolate it doesn’t make the world go around, but it sure does make the trip worth my while.

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment.

I would give up chocolate, but I’m no quitter.

2. Give something a new name, try to create it so people never forget it.

3. Don’t just tell people how to do something. Try to discuss the difficulties people usually encounter when attempting something and tell them a way to solve it.

4. I mentioned you got to make sure your image is the right size. You can even use two images side by side in one. Or five in one.

5. Make sure your logo on your blog and web-site pages link back to your home page of your site.

6. Please use CamelCase Words in long text headlines to break it down.

7. Change the font when you edit text so you can spot spelling mistakes.

8. Post around 8:00am or 12:05pm until 2pm. After 5:10pm is good. Remember people get more lazy after 4pm. Weekends 7:00pm 10:30pm. Sometimes the weekend is better to post than a Friday. Please test and see what works for you.

9. Use caption on videos, it’s been proven to get a better return.

10. Oped in lists should be easy for the user so they don’t have to sign-up and take much time away.

#20 Business Startup Tips #20

1. If you use a pop-up, then use cookies so they only get the pop-up once.

2. Use and test eBay & Amazon for more traffic when selling something.

3. After someone signs-up or sends you an email, send them a thank you email back. Put a link in that email to your Facebook page. Or you can send a video with a CTA.

4. When you send Emails put your links in the message twice so it saves the user time. People are lazy and don’t want to go back to the top of the page.

5. Colours and words play a big role in advertising. Signs speak louder than words, or as lord sugar would say, actions speak louder than words.

6. Discuss what you got in common and exchange business cards. You may not be able to help them, so find out first the needs of others.

7. Did you know the way you offer and say something can play a big part in getting bigger tips. Example below.

Tips can go from 3% 12% then to 24% if you do or say the right words.

If you give someone a mint the tip is about 3%, but if you leave two mints it’s about 12%

If you give leave three mints you get no change in the tip and it’s still 12%

Leave two mints then walk away, then walk back and say, because I like you, you can have an extra one, your tip can go up from 12% to 24%

8. Fast thinking and slow thinking. 1+1 = 2 | 27 times 84 = …. Now this takes you longer right.

Don’t waste people’s times with slow thinking things as people like to save time. But sometimes the odd fun slow thinking can help your site as google like sites people stay on longer, so I was told.

9. Post good content to people, blog great stuff and send it out so people feel connected to you.

10. Business Startup Tips. Don’t forget to highlight your links in your email letters and blogs. 1And1 Is The Hosting Provider I Recommend For Small Businesses.

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100% Privacy. I will never spam you!

Please Seek Your Own Professional Independent Advice After Reading Advert Lines Tips.


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How To Research Your Competition On Twitter.

How to research your competition on Twitter.

How to research your competition on Twitter.

Have you ever taken a quick look at your competitors social media accounts to see what they’re posting? Do you even know exactly what to look for when researching your competitors on Twitter?

In this blog post I’m going to teach you some simple tips and tricks and show you how to research your competition without them knowing a single thing, and do you know the best part about this simple research, you can save your own business tons of money and extra knowledge on your competitors expense.

Next time you are on Twitter, search something like (#sorry) Or (sorry) Followed by your competitors username to see what people are saying, this will tell you what your competitors might be doing wrong so you can avoid this at a later date in your business, or business startup.

I’ll be honest with you here, I research my competitors all the time, and I even use different keywords as not every tweet starts or finishes with sorry, and yes this trick works wonders for researching your competition on Twitter.

By using different keywords for researching your competitions name you can find out some small things to avoid in the coming future as most of the time the team that runs the social media accounts for that business will use the same words like, sorry, or sorry to hear about this.

People use words like sorry as they know that’s the right reply to use when someone is upset, and when someone is upset they sure do want you and the world to know about it, like I mentioned in a past blog post, people’s minds are naturally tuned to tell the world about a problem they’ve come across, most people who talk about your business will never understand the problems people face day to day when running a business as they’re too sucked into social media trying to make people’s lives hell, oh well, that’s their choice.

If you ever get this problem then don’t worry, all this negative feedback is going to make your business stronger, and stronger business knowledge will place you higher up the chain with the knowledge you have learnt from the past, all this new knowledge can be forwarded to the next future business, let’s be real here, do you really think every business got lucky first time? No they never, lots of successful businesses got investors that know most of it already, and some successful businesses have failed, lost millions, and found out the hard way in the past from lack of knowledge which gave them a better understanding for next time, and sometimes it’s good for them to fail on something small as they now know how fast you need to move and how clever you need to be so your competitors don’t catch up with you and take you out on the next big deal.

Not every business strikes gold first time, lots of them learn from mistakes as they didn’t research the market enough, and I bet if you asked them this question they’d tell you they lost tons of money in trial and error, let me give you a small tip, if you want to hit gold from your first shot then I recommend being wise and learning from someone that has come across all the problems and failures before. Why would you risk your own money when they already know how to bypass the problems you may face but can’t see right now, that’s what a wise person will do who ain’t prepared to risk money.

Now lets get back to the Twitter research.

If I was to give my view on this for social media research, then I would say the public complain about user experience with the software, and lack of customer service the most, personally I would say this was in my top list for avoiding problems that may come to your business one day on social media, and please don’t try be spammy as you will get the users that will have lots of time on their hands and tell you your ad is rubbish and all you want to do is make money, well I suppose they aren’t wrong, you don’t work to struggle.

By being fake to users, hold on a second, fake? Yes fake, there’s no point being fake here by telling you garbage and trying to be professional, if someones judging you and your hard work because they’re to lazy to try in life, then it’s being fake sucking up to them. If you reply with “sorry you dislike it”, this reply is being fake, we know saying sorry is probably the right thing to do as it’s your reputation on the line.

If i was to give my view on this and give my you tip, I would politely ask them for help, we know what we would like to say, but leave the small talk inside the office for a good giggle, then leave them go away in their own time, or just block them if they do it again, it’s your business not their business so what gives them the right to put there insecurity onto your hard work. Feedback is welcomed, but hatred is not.

Just because it’s not right for some people, it don’t mean they can judge it, just be fake and ask them for help, most of the time they’ll soon dart off as they think by ignoring you gives them the winning card, when the fact is you got it as they won’t bother you now. If they do reply, ask them what do you suggest? You’ll be surprised what talent some of your negative viewers have, if you can get them on your side or taking part in something fun, they will remember this and probably keep talking positive about you later in life with others, and please send them a thank you email as they’ll probably end up being your best viewer or posters if you know how to do it right.

You need to remember that most negative people are only commenting as it’s what I call (In the moment) People will usually forget or go away after one hour, if you leave the first negative comment most people will probably never come back, it’s usually only the monkeys that come back, and if that monkey don’t go away, then that monkey is probably holding a grudge, and monkeys that hold a grudge need to understand it’s going to give them anxiety.

People really need to learn how to filter things they dislike online and in life, it’s just lack of education and anger because the other monkey told them it’s the right thing to do. Monkey? Yes monkey, do you know the saying (monkey see monkey do) Well mine is, (monkey hear monkey believe) The big monkey that runs the business, #TheBoss, or the other big monkey #TheTeamLeader from your competitors business will tell the little monkeys how well you can do a job, I’m lying to you here, they try to convince the other monkeys to hate you, and some will try to crash your online reputation, and some grown adults are being brainwashed by them silly monkeys who need to understand if they was that smart they wouldn’t be the one holding a grudge.

If you do it wrong when talking to monkeys then don’t worry as they still help you, how can they help? They help you rank on Google as some people will always come back to visit your website, strangely enough they just keep knocking to see you, as one would say, always look at the solution never the problem, more website traffic the better right.

Next time you’re on Twitter try this simple tip and try other keywords and hashtags and see what you come across, and take notes of peoples replies so you can use some if you ever need to talk to negative monkeys, you’ll be surprised how other people’s problems and money lost from trial and error can benefit you, I’ll give you a small example here. @user, your website is the worst site ever, it don’t even let me call your number from my phone. Or, @user your website is terrible, the video is slow and it don’t load. So now you know you will need clickable phone numbers on your website, and videos that run from YouTube for a better user experience, and best of all it was on your competitors expense not yours, and yes they will have learned from this mistake don’t get me wrong, but it cost them not you. So that £6000 they just lost from unhappy customers witch don’t want to buy the product or service just put an extra £6000 in your pocket as you can avoid it in your business later, now don’t you think that’s clever research for free.

Another way you can research is by looking at the comments on your competitors posts to see what people are saying, this will give you a better understanding of what you’re about to run into, and you can also learn from your competitors fans so you know what your competition might do next from the suggestions customers make to them, why do this? well it’s easy, loose lips sink ships, you never get left behind on trends that may be coming, I learn so much from my competitors customers by applying simple things like this, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing it. I will give you a small tip, as you’re browsing the feed of your competitors take notes or screenshots of the most engaging statuses or photos so you know what your target market likes, but remember not to take anyone’s work, just see how you can do it better. If they got lots of likes for baby photos, then you put twins. If they put twins, then you put triplets. If they put triplets, then send them a yellow shoe, I think you understand where i’m going here when I say go one better. Ow, and please don’t send them a yellow shoe.

When you’re looking on other people’s social media accounts, I recommend you take notes of the photos and comments that get the most likes, you’ll also need to take notes of the times because the times your competitors post can play a large part for engagement, so don’t be tricked by a post that got more engagement than another post as fans are likely not to play the game like or share if the fans are offline at the times your competitors posted, you need to remember that some of the big research you do from your competitions marketing can’t be hidden away, people need to take notes of what the competition are up to weekly.

I strongly advice you never spend seven days a week looking at other peoples stuff, you need to check back once a week to quickly take some notes and save them in a file so you can build a small profile of what they’re up too. If you see they post more videos this year than last year then you probably know they got a new plan, so now you need to quickly try and work it out and go one better.

You need to be prepared, never think for one minute your competition aren’t watching what you’re doing, not all businesses do this, smart people know doing your own thing can be wiser, don’t try be like them, be different so people like what they see. And never think for one minute you can’t beat them because they charge a high fee, if you can deliver the same service then people will come, this level of business is complicated and can get expensive so we won’t even go into it, but never think you can’t beat someone’s logo and design, you need to remember it’s only humans and the right software behind a business, things get old and humans don’t know everything, sometimes your ideas just need the right person for the job that’s got experience in that field of business, and please remember some people, not all, but some people, should never start a business with a business partner that can do the same job as them, if you fix cars and open a garage then it maybe wise to have someone the same as you, but if you’re building a website you may want to get a business partner that can market, you will probably find you’ll get places quicker and succeed quicker by applying this simple tip to your business startup, just sit down and think about this one, it makes perfectly good sense to pick the opposite business partner as you’ll start of stronger from day one.

I know you’re probably short on time here, and research can take hours of your day before you know it, and if you been reading my other posts you will see that I try to keep it simple and easy for everyone, I don’t like cocky people who try intimidate people with the knowledge they and make others feel they can’t do it when the fact is lots of people can, when someone asks you a question then that’s a wise question as they’re doing their research, never let anyone think they’re not capable of doing it when they can probably do it better if they know how the system works.

This tip is key for starting a low risk business from home. You don’t really want to rely on other people’s trades that will cost you money, when you start off and take the risk you need to remember it’s better to lose 10 minutes of your time than it is to dig deep into your pockets to pay £50 to someone each time you need to change or designs something new, this problem will probably come if you pick the same partner with the same skills, you really need to minimise your risks so you get a better chance for success. Setting yourself up for opportunities not liabilities is key, and if you ever get asked for advice from someone that’s starting a business please tell them this simple tip first, and if you’re a marketer reading this and thinking of starting a business with a another marketer then I strongly advice you sit down and ask yourself, can that person help me kick my competitors ass? If you’ve even doubted it then ask yourself some questions like, can they afford to put the time into this business? And sometimes it’s not can they, it’s will they. Someone you like as a friend may not be the one to start a business with, so the best way to explain this is simple, don’t go with your heart when picking a partner, go with your head and pick a good team that’s going to work with you not away from you to hit them goals fast, have you ever heard of the saying, don’t be a woman that needs a man, be a woman a man needs? Well that’s like business, my saying that’s my own quote is this, don’t pick a business partner that wants your money, pick a partner that makes you money, but don’t forget to give them a nice cut of the money as they deserve every penny of it, and remember, some people who start off with no money may soon change the way they act when it comes to big money.

When it comes to money you need to agree this price on paper and get it signed by a solicitor as you’ll be surprised how vile some people can get, and if it’s your business idea then make sure you make it clear from day one and put it down on paper that’s dated and signed that you can buy them out for the percentage you agree at a time you agree, they’ll have no leg to stand on when your solicitor stamps this, money can make people do nasty things so be clever from day one and let them know you’re in control of the future business sale or plans, and make sure your contract is actually legal and applies with the law.

That’s all from me now, please take it one step at a time, but remember not to take it too slow as things get old and outdated and that can keep you left behind picking up the mess, make wise decisions and ask others to overlook it.

If you like or dislike anything from this post then please let me know your thoughts in the comment box below, and if you think this post was useful I would appreciate it if you can please help me by sharing it with your fans, the share option is at the top of this post.

Please remember you can subscribe below for FREE to receive some of my best tips that I never post on here.

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Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences.

What Businesses Need To Know About Facebook Custom Audiences.

Facebook Custom Audiences.

How To Target Website Audience On Facebook

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Five Small Business Startup Tips

Five Small Business Startup



Small Business Startup Tips 

Five Small Business Startup Tips To Avoid Trouble.

Blog Post 15

Business Startup Tips #1

My five small business startup tips will help you avoid some trouble when you’re out searching for good service providers to design your website. When you’re out searching for good service providers, or service providers that can help you grow your new business startup in some shape or form, you should never settle for anything less than you deserve.

When the human mind sees bad designs the human mind will automatically say this is a bad service provider, so please remember the wrong service provider can crash your reputation and waste your time.

We get what we pay for in this world, so please never give the wrong impression to customers by trying to save money on service providers that deliver badly designed work. Please remember five new customers will always outweigh the extra cost for the professional design.

Small Business Startup Tips #2

Some service providers will lie, they will try to tell you what you need, when the fact is, they only know how to take your money and lie to you.

The last thing you want to be doing when starting a business is going back to your designers every week to add new important things that you realised you needed from day one. This trick most of them play to take even more money from you because they know you will need to come back, so please don’t be tricked with this dirty trick.

Small Business Startup Tip #3

Some service providers will give you all the talk telling you how social networks like Facebook and Twitter are important on web-site, but the problem you may have here is easy, that’s all they probably know as they never spend time out to research new trends to help their customers. Most bad businesses only want your money to go and party with, good businesses will spend money they make on more knowledge to help their customers get the best results.

We all know social buttons are important so don’t let bad service providers trick you with this tip as it’s probably the only tip they know, so never pay premium prices for unprofessional services.

Small Business Startup Tips #4

This simple tip could be the difference from your success or failure.

Always pick service providers that specialise in your line of business.

Using specialists that spend many years and tens of thousands of pounds on research should get you the best results for your goals. So please don’t waste valuable time and money for bad results from bad service providers, professional services can deliver the right results from day one.

If you’ve used a bad service provider in the past then don’t worry about this, the saying we use around here is this, if you’re not failing then you’re not making progress. You should always look at mistakes in a positive way.

No one wants to lose money because of bad service providers that lie, so if you find yourself using a bad service provider, then don’t worry about this. It’s always better to lose 100 pounds today than one thousand pounds next week, just leave them service providers and move on to someone that will work with you, not away from you.

Small Business Startup Tips #5

Speed and first impression of your website count, the last thing you want to do is pay for good traffic that don’t convert into calls or sales.

If your web-site runs slowly or looks unprofessional then users may never come back to you. You worked hard for your money so never let bad service providers enjoy it, they won’t only party your money away, but they will crash your online reputation on your expense.

Please get your web-site design and speed right from day one. The hosting providers we recommend can be found in the 200 tips from the worlds best.

Our team at advert lines would love to join you on your new journey to success, so please be a part of our team today and follow us on Twitter & Facebook so we can show you some knowledge that can make you stand out from the crowd. We don’t charge you for our tips, so that’s one cost you’ve already saved on. Advert lines spend years researching new tips and tricks so we can deliver you some of the worlds best tips completely free.

Below this article you should see a photo that’s going to take you to our 200 tips. That photo when clicked will give you access to a page we built with over 200 of the best business & marketing tips worth £7500 that can help you stand out from the crowd today. The 200 tips will not only save your business time and money, but they will also help you avoid some of the big problems you may face on your new journey. We’ve been here before so we know some of the best tricks to look out for.

So if you would like kind honest advice from the comfort of your device then please join thousands of people just like you who are already enjoying our amazing business and marketing tips, you have no traveling involved here so please enjoy our 200 tips worth £7500 in your own time.

Small Tip. Please save all 200 business startup tips as you can’t access them forever.

Before I end this here, I would like you to remember two life quotes. “A frog in a well only sees his peace of the sky”. My second quote is even better. “People who avoid failure avoid success”. Please remember them two quotes on your journey to success.

I’m afraid that’s all I have time for today, so please let us know on what you think of the 200 business startup tips you’re about to access below.

Thank you.

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Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence. Watch This Video.

Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence – Blog Post 15

Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence – Blog Post 15

Four Tips From 200 Business Startup Tips

1. Mondays and Fridays are not really good for new or important content. Mondays are about catching up, and Fridays about leaving. Mid week is sometimes the best. Tip. Blog posts get more shares on Sundays. Please test what works for you.

2. Always have an FAQ on your web-site. The last thing you need is people calling you to ask about your price or how it works, all this can all go in your FAQ for them to read. This can also save you or your team time on social media by sending users one link to that page.

3. Make sure the product or service, or even the method of doing something is memorable. This can be something as simple as wrapping it nice and leaving a note or a fancy bag with free chocolates. We all love chocolates. Below are four lines to use when handing over chocolates.

Life is like a box of chocolates, full of nuts! Chocolate do not make the world go around, but it sure does make the trip worthwhile. Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you do not need an appointment. I would give up chocolate, but I’m no quitter.

4. If you post a video on social media you can try to apply it like this (VIDEO) Cat Scares Dog)

Put the word video before your post link. This will let the users know what it is. Please test what works for your business. You can even put the length. E.g, 0:20 sec. This tells the mind it will not take much time.

Click Photo To Read 200 Free Tips Worth £7500

Business Startup Tips

Business Startup Tips

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How To Build Email Lists

How To Build Email Lists

How To Build Email Lists

How To Build Email Lists – Blog Post 14.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about how to build email Lists, and give you some clever tips and tricks to take away.

A customer email is key in almost any business, the more you have the better. Emails can be used for many reasons so I’ll roll some ideas from the side of my brain that holds the secrets.

Emails are business’s best friend. Unlike Facebook you don’t have to pay to send your email list a promotion or tips. What you want to send your fans are completely up to you, but please factor in people will not be impressed with sales after sales, so please mix things up so the user don’t get annoyed.

Before you get stuck in to building an email list, you need to ask yourself why who and what. Why do you need it, and who is your target market, and what can you offer them.

Some businesses achieve lists with little time and no money, but other businesses will have to pay a price, how much you pay depends on what business you got and how you set out to build your email list. Advert lines are lucky as we don’t have to pay for a users email as people will happily subscribe to receive some of the worlds best business and marketing tips as it’s what we call value on a larger scale.

The time and money our tips will save you is priceless as time is something we can’t get back, and first impression counts.

They say on average a good email is worth around five pounds, and why I say a good email is this. Why would you want Emails from people who will never even buy from your business? Small example here for you. If you’re a builder in the UK why would you want all your Emails from overseas chocolate makers, it’s a complete waste of time. But having 5000 Emails from British property investors is going to get you a better return for your investment, but you already knew that I’m guessing.

Now you need to ask yourself how do I get an email list? It’s not easy building email lists, but you do have a better chance by giving something away for free. As you know, I give 200 free tips from the worlds best that makes my email list that little bit easier to build for no cost.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on things you can get for free, or low cost with a little creativity.

Read this tip to see how doing a little research from the back of your mind can save money.

I see some business’s giving away a gift when a shopper buys something, when really speaking they should give a small paper slip and say something like, to receive your free phone cover visit our website. This gives you the chance to grab the shoppers email, and this next step of the funnel comes down to research as each step has a process.

If you read my blog tips and the 200 free tips you can access from my home page they should help get your mind thinking in the right direction.

When a user visits your web-site you need to have your funnel ready for your goals to work, a funnel is the path you want the user to take to hit the goals you want to achieve. You need to remember your web-site is your system and it should work for you and not with you to save yourself time, and if this part is done correctly it’ll give you more freedom to enjoy life.

Let’s be honest here, you don’t want to regret spending your life online when looking back on your life, you need to spend some time building your system then let it work for you, if you read my blog posts you will see some handy Apps developers created to save us time and give us the freedom we deserve instead of getting sucked in by useless videos that give no value to our life. It’s cute to watch cat videos, but let’s be honest it’s not going to help your future. As I would say to people, we all get the choice to say yes or no, and it’s down to you to decide how you’re going to spend your time, will you spend more time reading Facebook posts? Or will you spend more time reading Google posts?

Facebook posts are trends that are almost useless to people like myself, but at the same time business owners and marketers can use them Facebook trends to your advantage by seeing what works and what don’t so you can apply it to your own business as you will see some clever and creative ideas showing up.

Time management is very important in any business so please don’t spend all your life on social media looking at junk. Spend more time reading articles that will benefit you to build your business and email list.

Social media plays different parts in each business, some businesses use it for customer service, and some use it for advertising, and some business mix and match things to fit the users needs, so you need to identify what social media platforms can do to benefit your business online and what needs to be applied to each one to benefit your customer and your business.

If you can’t think of a way to get Emails for free you will need to think outside the box to get good Emails for low cost, so here’s just one quick example.

Let’s say you sell pizzas and I’m going to work on five pounds for example here for each email, now think, how will you bring this five pound cost down? Well you have many of ways, but I recommend testing different things and working the cost out before you even spend money on this as the last thing you want is 20,000 pizza cutters people don’t want. You can always set up a deal with the factory makers and only buy when you need them instead of buying 20,000 and risking your business profits, or you can just buy plain branded pizza cutters that are no extra cost to the factory maker and arrange to buy them in bulk cheaper for 20p not 40p, this comes down to negotiation skills and research so you should have someone good on your team as they will know how to walk all over you when it comes to money.

Some people will want to put branded logos on them that will cost them more money, but why spend more money on having your brand logo printed on the pizza cutter when you already got the email which will let you send offers with your logo in? If you can negotiate and get it printed for a low cost, then I recommend it, but it amazes me why people spend money on something they may not of needed in the first place, I don’t sell pizzas so I wouldn’t know what works, I know what I would do when aiming to get Emails for gifts, I would promote my offer for one month with plain pizza cutters, then the next month I would try with branded, or if you’re really wise you could put 2000 pizza boxes with the free branded pizza cutter design on the box in one location, and you can put 2000 plain pizza cutters on the box in another location, this will save yourself time and it will let you work out what pizza cutters worked best on the box or did they both perform the same. So if you got 100 people from both locations, why do you need branded pizza cutters if they both give the same return, but don’t stop here as you may want to do more testing, small example, the branded pizza cutter email list may all be customers that open your Emails more than the non branded, and the branded email list might use your discount vouchers you send them more than the non branded email list. So the small investment of printed logos may pay a better return.

You have even more options when trying to get Emails. When you give away a free pizza cutter with every pizza box like I just explained you should do this by getting the customer to go online to redeem it from the system you’ve put in place, and another small tip here from my clever side of the brain is easy, have codes inside the box so customers must buy a pizza before they can receive the gift, or you can even try using two pizza codes so the customer must buy two pizzas before they receive the gift so you make more profit. You can even try something like enter the code inside online for the chance to win a year’s supply of pizzas, this option will save you a great deal of money as you don’t have to buy any products to receive the email, and the best part about this advertising is the time and posting costs saved will give your team more time to work on other things as the system will do all the work for you as it’s the customers that spent the time entering the codes on your website.

Please remember by having codes inside the box won’t just make you extra money, but it’ll save you from getting junk Emails that are useless to you, the last thing you want is everyone visiting your website because of some ad they have seen letting anyone who asks can have a pizza cutter, you need to make them buy one first so all Emails you get are good Emails from fans of your brands, not tyre kickers.

Some brands will even make users collect six or ten codes for a gift, but this could quickly lose paying customers with a number this high as some may only buy your pizzas three or five times a year, so this way of doing it may have just lost you that email you needed if your promotion runs out before they buy the last box.

Emails are also key for social media, this step gets even better.

Did you know Facebook lets you upload your email lists and only target Facebook users who use that email? This only works if the email you receive is the same email the customer uses for Facebook. This lets you get a better return for loyal fans as this tailored advertising will make them Facebook users feel more attached to your fan page as they already feel a part of your brand.

If the users don’t use that email for social media you can always send them that all important email asking them kindly to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter.

Please remember by putting a link to your fan-page in Emails you send out will get you a better return as we humans don’t like things that take much time away and having the link in view will tell the mind it’s an easy process.

You can try using words like check what we did with this pizza then have the link take them to a post you created then end with a strong call to action like, please share, or please share and make someone’s day. You have many ways to do this so please test and see what works for you and your brand and try to keep advertisement natural so fans don’t feel pressured.

Please remember that some of your Emails might not link into Facebook as they might not use that email, so kindly ask customers in the Emails with amazing offers you send out to connect with you on your social networks, this gives you a second chance to grab a new fan that can view your posts. I won’t go too deep into this as we can be here all day talking about facts that fit different steps of the process.

If you’re interested to know and find out more amazing tips to fit into parts of the process then please access my 200 tips worth £7500 to help get you started so you can leave some of your competitors behind.

Now you know some cool tricks and ideas for building your email lists I hope you start applying your funnel and building that system that works for you and the long-term business goals.

If you have any amazing tips you’d like to add to this subject, please feel free to post it in the comment box below.

Thank you.

How To Build Email Lists

How To Build Email Lists

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Marketing Tips | 11 Amazing Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips


Marketing Tips

11 Marketing Tips | Blog Post 13

Are you a business owner or a new social media marketer? If yes, then you’ve landed in a good place, advert lines bring you some of the worlds best social media and business marketing tips for free.

In this blog I’m going to discuss social media, and give you some cool business marketing tips for businesses.


Social media marketing is a two way game, people don’t re-tweet information for the fun of it unless you ask them or you play the game first or have useful information.

When you first start out online you will probably find yourself lost in the game, of social media, but please don’t worry as this will take little effort to fix after you read some of the worlds top tips and tricks below.


Getting your first load of Twitter or Facebook fans is not going to be easy, but this is one of the first steps that you need to do.

After you get your first load of fans on your social media channels, you will need to know how to keep them as fans as they will have little belief in your page at first.

At first your fans will probably be at that stage when they want to know what your business is all about, and what can you do to help or keep them entertained, and if you play this part of the game wrong, then say goodbye to them as they will leave just as quick as they followed.

Don’t worry about the goodbye bit just yet because I have some clever little tricks all over my blog to stop this from happening, and after you finish reading this I highly recommend you see our page with over 200 top business and marketing tips from the worlds best.

Our 200 tips will help you kick-start your goals. We have done all the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy the easy ride from the comfort of your device. It’s that easy.

When it comes to social media or business you need to remember some of the tips I’ve listed in this blog, so please take note as you will forget tips as easy as you read. We only remember 10% of what we read. Don’t believe me? Try to remember the first line from my first tip. Please take this advice and take notes.


Social media has different types of users. You get helpful users who will help you achieve social media goals with little work, you get the medium users that take part in only what they like, and you will get the rest we call the big boys that know how to play the game just as good as you. But don’t worry about the big boys as I’m going to help you play it just like them if not better. Remember they’re just people like me and you so don’t let any of them scare you.


It’s a little known fact that most social media researchers like myself know how asking in a tweet or asking a user for a re-tweet gets a higher engagement for the same amount of work as a normal update, but it’s crazy how many big and small businesses don’t do this. It’s a little fact many big business’s don’t do a lot of things they should, but instead they choose to pour good money and time down the sink.


Small easy tip for re-tweets. Try and only use the words (Please Retweet) Try to not use only the letters (R.T). It’s OK to use letters, but every little helps.

Using the words not letters gets you more bang for your buck. Research shows this plays a better role for higher engagement.


I also think it’s a good idea to end social media shares and blogs with only one “CTA”. A CTA is known as a “Call To Action”. This lets you get the best results for the goal you’re aiming for.

It’s also a known fact that photos and posts with links get more shares and likes than updates with text. But you can go one better here. Use a photo with text overlay. Tip for posting photos on Facebook. If you post photos on Facebook try only use text that takes up 20% of the photo. If you ever want to boost your photo, then Facebook will not approve any photos with more than 20% text in photos.


Did you know some users will like share and re-tweet information just because of the good headline. They will never even click or read the text in that link.

This tip is a fact because I’ve had people in the past share my stuff and never read what’s inside the link, you will also find users share or like for many other reasons.

1. They like to spam you for free promotion. This is the user that never clicks your link.

2. They feel like the headline is fit for their fans to read. Helpful people.

3. They want to come back to it later. Busy people. Probably need time management applications.

4. They like what you posted and would like to see more.

5. You tweeted or shared that users update before so they feel like they owe you one back. This is how I started out and it do work wonders.


Please remember some users save links then forget and never read it, so it’s a good idea to re-post it to re-engage new and old fans and give them old users who forgot a quick reminder.

Bonus tip.

Try to use different headlines when posting old content so it doesn’t feel old. Please don’t forget to test what headlines work best with your fans.

If the information you post is something like, this week only offer, then you may want to post it more often. But please remember not to hit people with sales after sales as this will soon make them leave for good. Top tip. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% fun 20% sales when posting.


Try to make your advertising fun not spam so users think it’s natural.

Keeping it natural is my number one tip for every business, so please take note of this as you need to keep this at the top of your list.


When posting new content it’s a good idea to make it a process not a quick update.

Take your time to find or design your own photo with some small text overlay that helps get the users attention quicker in the feed.

Most people just scroll down the feed and stops at what gets the attention. So make this stop your page.

When a user stops on your post they will be quickly scanning your content to see if it’s of any value, so try use a buzzword and catchy photos, you should keep the text as short as you can.

Try to keep links 20% or 90% down the update. I recommend 20% if you’re posting a photo as people can see the link right away without clicking more info, or scrolling down. People are lazy and don’t like time-consuming things. Take note of this tip as people forget this often.

It’s also a good idea to put the link at the end too. This gives you a second chance to win that user over and at the same time it saves the user scrolling back up to the top because it saves time.

The big aim for every business is to get the users attention, so try to win them over with the photo with small text overlay, after you get the attention let your amazing text and headline do its job.

Try not to have two call to actions and confuse the user, and make sure the page they land on has a purpose and a direction clearly in view.


If you think pop-ups are cool, then think again. I Look at many sites, and ones that quickly show pop-ups with advertising tells me it’s unprofessional, now they’ve lost me forever. I am not saying pop-ups are a waste of time because they do convert higher for some users. The trick is to have pop-ups that come up after they scroll down 60% of the page, or after about a minute so the user don’t feel pressured.

Spam adverts are a pain. But giving value in your pop-ups are cool. An advertisement like get 200 free tips here is OK as your giving value, buy it now is not value as the user don’t know if they can trust your advert right now. Your site should be a funnel.

I’ll give you a small example. When I finish this blog posts you may have seen I end with click here, or, get 200 free tips. This is my call to action and a clever user will know this link is high value, and the time it took to pull together 200 tips took a long time to research, but the other users that just chuck time away will never enter to my page and see the 200 high value tips behind it, and that user will never benefit from them. But that’s OK as they will just keep doing that time after time and get to the destination years later than the smarter user that takes action to win more space in little time.

A clever user knows to learn from other people’s mistakes and use the free extra time to enjoy life and explode the business faster.

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

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Social Media Marketing Tips| 7 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips | Blog Post 12

7 Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Protect your online reputation, reply back to everyone’s comments.

2. Tell people before you do something. Example, hey guys, tomorrow one lucky winner will win an iPad.

3. Negative feedback is good feedback. It lets you change things in and around your business.

4. People use Social media because they want to be heard. Asking questions will get them talking, this now gives them and yourself what you want.

5. Recycle your most successful posts to re-engage fans.

6. Copy and paste old posts, then modify it with new words.

7. Investing in posts that already have a high engagement rate is more likely to give you the best return for your money.

Below Are Ten Tips From The 200 Free Tips We Give For Free

1. Use #1 #2 #3 #4 on all your videos. Or Part One, Part Two. This now lets people know what videos they left at so they can come back later. It now lets people know you have more than one video so you got more chance of getting them to view the rest.

2. Negative feedback is good feedback. It lets you change things in and around your business.

3. Allow people to post content to your blog and social media walls if you have a web-site. They feel it’s safer and will trust you more.

4. When people leave posts on your wall their friends see it too. That’s viral reach.

5. To build a community you need to listen and respond to the community.

6. People use Facebook because they want to be heard. Asking people a question will get them talking. This now gives them and yourself what you want.

7. Don’t forget to tag people in comments, this gets more views and engagement.

8. Recycle your most successful posts to re-engage fans.

9. You do not want to think too far into the year about your content. About four weeks.

10. Bring new fans back into your most brilliant and engaging content.

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Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips

Hope You Enjoy Them

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How To Get More Engagement On Twitter & Facebook

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How To Get More Engagement.

How To Get More Engagement On Twitter & Facebook | Blog Post 11

1. Use Hashtags.

1.1. Hashtags get more engagement.

1.2. Hashtags will get you more brand awareness.

1.3. Hashtags get around 21% more engagement if you only use two.

1.4. Hashtags get around 17% less engagement if you use more than two.

2. Use Photos.

2.1. Photos get more engagement than Twitter tweets with only text.

2.2. Photos catch people’s attention quicker in feeds. You don’t want them to miss something good.

2.3. Photos help you get more brand awareness in your feed.

2.4. Watermark your photos with your logo or website name.

2.5. Use a quote when acceptable when posting photos, you catch people’s attention for longer.

Tweets with photos get 2x more engagement.

3. Use Links.

3.1. This may surprise you, but you’re around 86% more likely to get a re-tweet if you use a link.

3.2. When posting links try to keep the link 25% or 90% of the way down the text.

3.3. When posting photos and a link at the same time, try to keep the URL link and photo link away from each other.

3.4. If links are too close the user may click the wrong link if that user is using a smartphone. If they press the wrong link twice they will soon dart off.

3.5. When posting a photo on twitter try use a headline letting the viewer know it’s a photo. E.g, look at this amazing photo of 1 million pennies. This now tells the user it’s a photo.

I thought I’d let you know what one million pennies look like.

One Million Pennies

One Million Pennies

200 Business Tips

Hope You Enjoy Them.

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Video Marketing Tips | 14 Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips 

14 Video Marketing Tips | Blog post 10.

1. Make thumbnails catchy.

Try use a catchy thumbnail on your videos. A video thumbnail is the image someone views first before the video plays.

2. Use text overlay.

When doing thumbnails for videos you should try to use images with some text next to it.

Bonus tip. Try to keep the text on the right and the image on the left, or vice versa.

3. YouTube.

Every thumbnail is different so please do some research on YouTube to see what the top marketers are using to get a good idea as marketing do change. Small tip. People watch poorly video with good audio, but they won’t quality  videos with bad audio.

4. Keep videos short.

You should really be aiming to keep your videos short, around 30 to 60 seconds long, this advice can change depending on what you’re explaining in them videos. Example below for you.

For example. If you’re explaining tips in your videos, then I find it’s better to try to keep the videos short clear and simple for your viewers.

People don’t like to stay on videos that drag on, the mind will start to lose focus.

Bonus tip. People love hard simple advice, they love it even more if the advice is something they can apply the same hour or day.

5. Make people feel good.

Make videos that make people feel good. Let’s say your video was a funny video, for example comedy, people tend to watch them longer as they feel good when laughing. Now you will have a better chance of keeping the viewers watching your videos. Even better if they want to share your video.

6. Test what works for you.

Let’s say you were doing a funny pet video, then I think you should be keeping them videos about 0:30 seconds to 1:20 seconds long. But I have seen some quick five to 10 second videos go viral. Please test what length of videos work best with your viewers.

7. Get Rewarded by Google.

If you want Google to reward you, then I recommend longer videos. Google love sites people stay on longer. Longer videos and amazing information people like to read or watch will help do just that for you. Concentrate on one market to get the best results.

8. The challenge.

Having long videos that keep people around might be a challenge you might think. We all know people don’t like to watch things that take much time away from them, so the tip below is easy and should give you some direction.

Ten 20 second clips of funny animals is better than a long boring video that just shows 3:20 seconds of the same dog doing the same thing.

Long videos of the same dog doing the same thing this will quickly make the viewer get bored, and the chances of that viewer clicking off after the dog jumps on the trampoline  30 times will probably be high as it’s something we’ve all seen before. Videos like this is nothing new to us, Google will know your videos are like this as videos are tracked.

Because Google like to see videos people watch watch until the end, so let this video be your video. Now you know the splitting things up trick for having longer videos people are likely to hang around and watch. It’s so easy when you know the way marketing works. I think knowing how marketing works is what makes it so exciting when working on marketing and getting your business in front of people.

9. Catchy video headlines.

Please don’t forget to use short catchy headlines like, ten ways cats make us laugh. Or, ten funny animals caught on camera.

You can use what you like, but this is just to get you started. Try and keep headlines under six words. Around 44% of people scan headlines. Small tip. People scan the first and last three words of a headline, so make this the prime location for them buzzwords.

10. Make videos exciting.

Videos that flick from image to image work amazing because people like to see real things, and people just love the movement of the video the flicks at the right speed with the right music.

Mountain views, nice houses and fancy beach clubs that look out to the sea give people a high buzz. People like high views looking down, why do you think they use the aerial view of cruise ships from the helicopter or airplane. I won’t go deep into this as we can be here all week, and I like to keep things short and simple for everyone to understand. Information overload can stress you out.

We know people buy experience, and we know experience comes with a small price tag. So give viewers a free experience in photos and videos.

You get a high buzz if it’s more of an action video, red bull get 100% marks for this sort of advertising for that market, that’s the sort of buzz you’re looking for in videos as people feel excited. I’ll admit I’m one of them people. I watch every red bull video until the end. Please remember every advertising market is different, let’s admit it, you ain’t really going to see your nan rock up the house when a red bull ad comes on.

11. Viral videos

Viral videos usually go viral because people haven’t seen what’s in the video before. Small example. Dogs walk on four legs, so when you see a dog starting to walk on two legs then it’s kind of funny as it’s something we’ve never seen before, and it’s something we didn’t suspect. If we see things we’ve never seen before then we’re more likely to share something like this as we know others are likely to like it.

People don’t share anything for the fun of it. People like to share videos of cool things because it’s cool, but one of the big reasons people like to share things with friends is because the human mind likes to let people know they’ve seen it first. It’s a strange thing some people do, people just don’t know it. You do now. So if your videos can make people feel like they want to share it then your videos got more chance of going viral or getting a high reach of views.

12 Google is like one big university.

As you now know Google like websites that users stay on longer, and I can only guess why.

My guess is probably right or close to the right answer. Google is like one big university, people search Google for how to problems to educate themselves, and if your information is what the user is looking for then you got more chance of keeping them on your site.

Google knows almost everything, and like I said in a past post, they know how long people are staying and looking at things.

When Google see that people are staying on your page for a long time, they know it’s probably a good site with the right information. Now you got more chance of getting ranked higher. Please note this is not the only way to get ranked higher, this blog is just to help you get that little bit more from video marketing.

13. Let them know.

If you’re posting great deal of videos, don’t forget to use things like.

[ one of two ]

[ Part one of Two ]

[ Video six, marketing tips ]

Letting the viewer know you have more videos with this easy trick will get a higher click rate as the user now wants to see more videos if you have good information in them videos. Or to save the space for more words you can put this info on your text overlay image so it frees up more room for your headline and description.

14. Give value.

People won’t look at your videos if you don’t give value. You will just annoy the hell out of them and make them leave your website. You may think talking about yourself in all your videos is probably the right thing right? My tip is easy. It’s not the right thing to do. Give them your name and what you’re about to teach and leave it as that.

I see many people in videos talking so much rubbish the office bin gets jealous, so don’t be tricked into passing your email over to these people who give no value to you in videos. All they want is your email address to spam you with 10 emails a day of rubbish you don’t want to buy. If you don’t take this advice then let’s just say I did warn you.

200 business startup tips

200 business startup tips


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