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02 Apr 2014

200 free business & marketing tips

200 Free Business & Marketing Tips 2014

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02 Oct 2014

11 Marketing Tips Every Business Should Know. Blog post 13.


11 Marketing Tips Every Business Should Know – Blog Post 13.

How to play the game – of social media.

Are you a business owner or a new social media marketer ? If yes, you’ve landed in a real good place. Advert lines try to bring you some of the worlds best social media tips and tricks for free.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about social media for small business’s, and how to play it better.


Social media is a two way game, people don’t retweet information for the fun of it unless you ask them or you play the game first or have useful information.

When you first start out online you will probably find yourself lost in the game, but please don’t worry about this as this will take little effort to fix after you take away some of the worlds top tips and tricks below.


Getting your first load of fans ain’t going to be easy, but this is one of the first steps that you need to do.

After you get your first load of fans on your social media channels you will need to know how to keep them as fans as they will have little belief in your page at first.

At first your fans will probably be at that stage when they want to know what your business is all about, and what can you do to help or keep them entertained. And if you play this part of the game wrong then say goodbye to them as they’ll leave just as quick as they followed.

Don’t worry about the goodbye bit just yet because I have some clever little tricks all over my blog to stop this from happening, and after you finish reading this post I highly recommend you subscribe on our homepage to see our secret page with over 200 top business and marketing tips from the worlds best.

Our 200 tips will help you kick start your goals. We done all the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy the easy ride from the comfort of your devise. It’s that easy.

When it comes to social media or business you need to remember some of the tips I’ve listed in this post, so please take note as you will forget tips as easy as you read.


Social media has different types of users. You get helpful users who will help you achieve your social media goals with little work, you get the medium users that take part in only what they like, and you will get the rest we call the big boys that know how to play the game just as good as you. But don’t worry about the big boys as I’m going to help you play it just like them if not better. Remember they’re just people like me and you so don’t let any of them scare you.


It’s a little known fact that most social media researchers like myself know asking in a tweet or asking a user for a retweet gets a higher engagement for the same amount of work as a normal update, but it’s crazy how many big and small business’s don’t do this. It’s a little fact lots of big business’s don’t do a lot of things they should, but instead they choose to poor good money and time down the sink.


Small easy tip for retweets. Try and only use the words ( Please Retweet ) Try to not use only the letters ( R.T ). It’s ok to use letters but every little helps.

Using the words not just letters gets you more bang for your buck. Research shows this plays a better role for higher engagement.


I also think it’s a good idea to end your social shares and blogs e.c.t with only one “CTA”. A CTA is known as a “Call To Action”. This lets you get the best results for the goal your aiming for.

It’s also a known fact that photos and posts with links get more shares and likes than updates with text. But you can go one better here. Use a photo with text overlay. Tip for posting photos on Facebook. If you post photos on Facebook try only use text that takes up 20% of the photo. If you ever want to boost your photo then Facebook will not approve any photos with more than 20% text in photos.


Did you know some users will like share and retweet information just because of the good headline. They’ll never even click or read the text in that link.

This tip is a fact because I’ve had people in the past share my stuff and never read what’s inside the link, you’ll also find users share or like for many other reasons.

1. They like to spam you for free promotion. This is the user that never clicks your link.

2. They feel like the headline is fit for there fans to read. Helpful people.

3. They want to come back to it later. Busy people. Probably need time management apps.

4. They like what you posted and would like to see more.

5. Because you retweeted or shared that users post before, they feel like they owe you one back. This is how I started out and it do work wonders.


Please remember some users will save links then forget and never read it, so It’s a good idea to repost it to re-engage new and old fans and give them old users who forgot a quick reminder.


Try to use different headlines when posting old content so it don’t feel old. Please don’t forget to test what headlines works best with your fans.

If the information you post is something like a this week only offer, then you may want to post it more often. But please remember not to hit people with sales after sales as this will soon make them leave for good. Top tip. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% fun 20% sales when posting.


Try make your advertising fun not spammy so users think it’s natural.

Keeping it natural is my number one tip for every business, so please take note of this as you need to keep this at the top of your list.


When posting new content it’s a good idea to make it a process not a quick update.

Take your time to find or design your own photo with some small text overlay that helps get the users attention quicker in the feed.

Most people just scroll down the feed and stops at what gets the attention. So make this stop your page.

When a user stops on your post they’ll be quickly scanning your content to see if it’s of any value, so try use buzz words and catchy photos, also you should keep the text as short as you can.

Try to keep links 20% or 90% down the post. I recommend 20% if your posting a photo as people can see the link right away without clicking more info, or scrolling down. People are lazy and don’t like time consuming things. Take note of this tip as people forget this often.

It’s also a good idea to put the link at the end too. This gives you a second chance to win that user over and at the same time it saves the user scrolling back up to the top because it saves time.

The big aim for every business is to get the users attention, so try to win them over with the photo with small text overlay, after you get the attention let your amazing text and headline do its job.

Try not to have two call to actions and confuse the user, and make sure the page they land on has a purpose and a direction clearly in view.


If you think popups are cool then think again. I Look at lots of sites and ones that quickly show me popups with advertising tells me it’s unprofessional, now they’ve lost me forever. I ain’t saying popups are a waste of time because they do convert higher for some users. The trick is to have a pop up that comes up after they scroll down 60% of the page, or after about a minute so the user don’t feel pressured.

Spam ads are a pain. But giving value in your popups are cool. A ad like get 200 free tips here is ok as your giving value, but them buy it now is not value as the user don’t know if they can trust you right now. Your site should be a funnel.

I’ll give you a small example. When I finish my blog posts you’ll see I end with click here or get 200 free tips. This is my call to action and a clever user will know this link is high value, and the time It took to pull together 200 tips from the best took a long time to research, but the other users that just chuck time away will never enter to my secret page and see the 200 high value tips behind and that user will never benefit from them. But that’s ok as they’ll just keep doing that time after time and get to the destination years later than the smarter users that takes action and win more space in little time.

A clever user knows to learn from other people’s mistakes and use the free extra time to enjoy life and explode the business faster.


If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.

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24 Jul 2014

7 Must Know Social Media Tips – Blog Post 12

Must Know Social Media Tips From The Experts – Blog Post 12

1. Protect your online reputation – reply back to everyone’s comments.

2. Tell people before you do something. E.g. Hey guys – tomorrow we’ll be giving one lucky winner the chance to win an iPad.

3. Negative feedback is good feedback. It lets you change things in and around your business.

4. People use Social media because they want to be heard. Asking them questions will get them talking, this now gives them and yourself what you want.

5. Recycle your most successful posts to re-engage fans.

6. Copy and paste old posts, then modify it with new words.

7. Investing in posts that already have a high engagement rate is more likely to give you the best return for your money.

If you would like 200 business & marketing tips worth £7500 for free please subscribe here to view all 200.

Let’s do this !

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24 Jun 2014

How To Dominate More On Twitter – Blog Post 11.

How To Dominate More On Twitter – Blog Post 11.

1. Use Hashtags.

1.1. Hashtags get more engagement.

1.2. Hashtags get you more brand awareness in the feed.

1.3. Hashtags get around 21% more engagement if you only use two.

1.4. Hashtags get around 17% less engagement if you use more than two.

2 You Photos.

2.1. Photos get more engagement than tweets with just text.

2.2. Photos catch people’s attention quicker in feeds. You don’t want them to miss something good.

2.3. Photos help you get more brand awareness in your feed.

2.4. Watermark your social media photos with your logo or website name.

2.5. Use a quote when acceptable when posting photos – you catch people’s attention for longer.

Tweets with photos get 2x more engagement.

3. Use links.

3.1. This may surprise you – you’re around 86% more likely to get a retweet if you use a link.

3.2. When posting links, try keep the link 25% or 90% of the way down the text.

3.3. When posting photos and a link at the same time, try keep the URL link and photo link away from each other.

3.4. If you have them links to close, the user may click the wrong link, if that user is using a smart phone that is. If they press the wrong link twice, they’ll soon dart off.

3.5 When posting a photo on twitter, try use a headline letting the viewer know it’s a photo. E.g, look at this amazing photo of 1 million pennies. This now tells the user it’s a photo.

I thought I’d let you know what 1 Million Pennies look like.

One Million Pennies

One Million Pennies

If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.

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20 Jun 2014

14 Video Marketing Tips You Need To Know – Blog post 10.

14 Video Marketing Tips – You Need To Know – Blog post 10.




1. Make it catchy.

Try use a catchy thumbnail on your videos. A video thumbnail is the image someone views first before the video plays.

2. Use text overlay.

When doing thumbnails for videos you should try and use images with some text next to it.

Bonus tip. Try keep the text on the right and the image on the left.

3. Look on YouTube.

Every thumbnail is different so please do some research on YouTube to see what the top marketers are using to get a good idea.

4. Keep them short.

You should really be aiming to keep your videos short, around 30 to 60 seconds long, this advice can change depending on what you’re explaining in them videos. E.g below for you.

For example. If you’re explaining tips in your videos, then I find it’s better to try keep the videos short, clear and simple for your viewers.

Most users don’t like to stay on videos that drag on about how you counted to a billion took a billion seconds.

Bonus tip. People love hard simple advice. And they love it even more if the advice is something they can apply the same hour or day.

5. Make them feel good.

Make videos that make people feel good. Let’s say your video was a funny video, for example comedy, then people tend to watch them longer as they feel good when laughing. Now you’ll have a better chance of keeping the viewers watching your videos, and even better if they want to share it.

6. Test what works for you.

Let’s say you was doing a funny pet video, then I think you should be keeping them videos about 0:30 seconds to 1:20 seconds long. But I have seen some quick 5 to 10 second videos of animals making funny noises go viral. Please test what length of videos work best with your viewers.

Cardiff Bay - Video Photo.

Cardiff Bay - Video Photo.

7. Get rewarded.

If you want Google to reward you, then I recommend longer videos. Google love sites people stay on longer, so longer videos will help do just that for you.

8. The challenge.

Long videos that keep people watching might be more of a challenge you may be thinking right ? We all know people don’t like to watch things that take much time away from them, so my tip below for you is easy and should give you some direction.

Ten 20 second clips of funny animals is better than a long boring video that just shows 3:20 seconds of the same dog jumping off and on the bed 100 times.

Long videos like this will quickly make the viewer get bored, and your chances of that viewer clicking off after the dog jumps on and off 30 times is very high as it’s something we’ve all seen before, Videos like this are nothing new to us, and Google will know your videos are like this as videos are tracked.

The average time for people to click off videos like this is something I don’t know just yet, but if Google or one of the big search engines company’s offered me a job tomorrow working with insights I would take the chance so fast I’d get a speeding ticket. P.s, please don’t speed, It’s not cool.

Now you know the splitting things up trick for having longer videos people are likely to hang around and watch.

It’s so easy when you know the way marketing works. I think knowing how marketing works Is what makes it so exciting when working on marketing and getting your business in front of people.

9. Catchy video headlines.

Please don’t forget to use short catchy headlines like, “10 ways animals make us laugh”. Or “10 funny animals caught on camera”.

You can use what you like, but this is just to get you started. Try keep headlines under 6 words.

10. Make videos exciting for your viewers.

Videos that flick from image to image with short text overlay work amazing, people like to see real things, like nice houses and fancy beach clubs e.c.t. This gives off a high buzz.

You get a high buzz if it’s more of an action video, red bull get 100% marks from me for this sort of advertising, that’s the sort of buzz you’re looking for in videos as people feel excited. I’ll admit, I’m one of them people. I watch every red bull video until the end.

Cardiff Bay.

Cardiff Bay - Video Photo

11. Viral videos

Viral videos usually go viral because people haven’t seen what’s in the video before. Small example. Dogs walk on four legs, so when you see a dog pop up and start walking 100 feet on two legs for no reason then it’s kind of funny as it’s something we’ve never seen before. And it’s something we didn’t suspect to see.

If we see things we’ve never seen before, we’re more likely to share something like this as we know others are likely to like it.

People don’t share anything for the fun of it. People like to share videos of cool things because it’s cool, but one of the big reasons people like to share things with friends is because the human mind likes to let people know they seen it first. It’s a big headed thing we all got inside us, people just don’t know it. You do now.

So if your videos can make people feel like they want to share it, your videos now got more chance of going viral in a week.

12 Google is like one big university.

As you now know, Google like websites that users stay on longer, and I can only guess why.

My guess is probably right or close to the right answer. Google is like one big university, so people search Google for how to problems to educate themselves, and if your information is what the user is looking for then you got more chance of keeping them on your site.

Google knows almost everything, and like I said in a past post, they know how long people are staying and looking at things.

When Google see that people are staying on your page for a long time, they know it’s probably a good site with the right information. Now you got more chance of getting ranked higher. Please note this ain’t the only way to get ranked higher, this blog post is just to help you get that little bit more from video marketing.

13. Let them know.

If you’re posting lots of videos – don’t forget to use things like.

[ 1 of 2 ]

[ Part one of two ]

[ Video 6 - marketing tips ]

Letting the viewer know you have more videos with this easy trick will get a higher click rate as the user now wants to see more videos if you have good information in them videos.

14. Give value.

People won’t look at your videos if you don’t give value. You’ll just annoy the hell out of them and make them leave you website. You may think talking about yourself in all your videos is probably the right thing right ? My tips is easy. It’s not the right thing to do.

I see lots of people in videos talking so much rubbish even the office bin gets jealous, so don’t be tricked into passing your email over to them people who give no value to you in videos. All they want is your email address to spam you with 10 emails a day of rubbish you don’t want to buy. If you don’t take this advice, let’s just say i did warn you.

If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.


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13 Jun 2014

10 Small Business And Marketing Tips – Blog Post 9.

10 Small Business And Marketing Tips – Blog Post 9.

1. Plan your weekly social media posts. This saves time to do other things later.

2. As you know – weekly facts for social media work wonders – write 52 down before you commit to it – this can be a fun job for yourself or staff to get them working together as a team around the business.

3. Weekly meetings before work, get your staff to talk about things they did or learnt over the weekend.

4. Always be nice to people. This could cost you your business.

5. Don’t be scared to ask questions to people on social media. They might not have nothing to tweet about, so you’ll be helping them out.

6. When selling something your business offers, you got to find out peoples pain.

Give them a solution.
Give them a time it’ll be completed by.
Do it in a remarkable way.
Charge a flat fee.
Validation must be there at all times, if it’s not it’ll be harder to sell.

7. Be like the news in your social media headlines. Try and tell the story in 3-5 words only.

8. Be careful about what statuses you like on Facebook or Twitter. People see this.

9. Set mile stones for your business, then use it for your P.R and social media walls to let everyone know what your business have achieved.

10. Make your mile stones memorable. Mile stones can be something simple like – telling people that your business has a new employee. Please use a photo of them if they don’t mind. A mile stone can be getting 1000 new likes on your social media fan page effectively letting people know your business is doing well.

If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.

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10 Jun 2014

Four Amazing Apps For Business’s – Blog Post 8

Four Amazing Apps For Business’s – Blog Post 8.


Below are four must have apps to save you time – followed by a secret bonus tip.

Time is the thing we can’t get back, lets admit it we’ve all been here, social media can sometimes take hours of your day without you even knowing it – so below are some amazing must have apps to help you get over this problem.

1. HootSuite.

HootSuite is such an amazing service – HootSuite has lots of times saving features that can keep your business on track.

If you’re new to social media and have a business, you may find yourself doing things wrong, we’ve all been here, so don’t worry it’s cool, I’ve even seen the big boys mess things up from time to time, but that’s business for you, it’s all about learning from mistakes, so If you’re new to business and come across a problem, please don’t give up here. Giving up because of a mistake that follows with a problem is like slashing the other three tyres because you’ve got a flat. All you need to do is fix the problem and move on.

One of the best features they offer for free on HootSuite is “time scheduling”. This feature is so cool because when you’re sleeping you can have social media posts going out to your fans at the time you set them.

If for some reason you have to go out for a meeting or lunch, the one thing you should never do is check your social media activity when your around people – trust me, this’ll upset people, the last thing you want to do is make them feel boring. It’s as rude as a police officer giving you a parking ticket for driving to slow. Please… Just don’t do it.

Now you never have to worry about being rude as all you do is set the posts or tweets to go out every hour and check back later when your free.

Social media marketing tips.
Social media marketing tip.

2. JustUnFollow.

JustUnFollow is a must have app – the name says what’s on the tin.

This app is so cool it should be ice. This app will help you keep your followers on track as it lets you see who’ve unfollowed you with just one click. Now you don’t have to spend hours searching down your list to see what followers unfollowed you.

Is so easy even I can do it, just one click and your off. The app will also show you all the users that are inactive, and next the the user that’s inactive or unfollowed you will be a big button saying unfollow user. Removing them now lets you follow more active users.

JustUnFollow is really cool – they’ve even got an amazing team that will answer any problems for you quickly, I find it’s best to ask them on twitter.

I doubt you’ll ever have any problems with the JustUnFollow app as it’s all on one small page. If you know the number layout on your phone, then you’ll see this app is just as easy to use as knowing 0 to 9 on your phone.

3. PixlaExpress.

Pixla is the app I use now for making my amazing cool quotes – one of my best quotes was “did you know tomorrow is a gift”. This quote was a hit, feel free to take the image off my wall and use it for your own wall, or use can use the pixla app to make your own.

Killer tip here for you – keep quotes short. Short quotes get the most retweets. People online like to flick from one thing to another without any delay, and I’ll admit, I’m just like them. If a website don’t load in under ten seconds then they’ve lost me forever.

We’ve all did it, fall in love with a quote that has lots of words, but believe me, users don’t read them as they feel like it’s going to take them forever to read.

If you do need to do a long quote I can give you a tip – use a really catchy headline like “Did You Know”, or “This Will Change Your Day”.

You can put what you like on quotes, but never lie to your viewers by using headlines that draw attention and never give value, trust me, they’ll soon unfollow you.

4. Buffer.

Buffer is one of my top apps – every post you post to Facebook or twitter e.c.t using the buffer app gets saved for later in a nice easy list so you don’t have to type it over and over – and remember, It’s all automated by buffer so you don’t need to change any confusing settings.

This app is also really handy for when you need to promote your best business post to your new followers, so I highly recommend business’s to post tweets from the buffer app so you can easily find and use the best tweets next time you need to repost something to new followers.

When you need to get old news out just go to your list of past posts and hit the buffer option next to the post you want to repost. I recommend not posting what you like, post what your followers like. It’s easy to see what they like most as buffer shows you the best post with the highest engagement. When buffer shows a posts that has five or more retweets, work more on posts like this so you get even more engagement. E.g if cat quotes get five retweets and dog quotes get two, concentrate on the cat quotes – for people who don’t know what quotes are, quotes are images with small text over.

Another two good features they offer Inside the buffer scheduling list is an option to “change the times” you want them posts to go out. This helps your post get maximum exposure.

The other feature they offer next to the post is “move to top”. You can move the best post to the top for maximum exposure. So for example, if a post I’ve set to go out at 7pm Is more likely to get more engagement or views at 5pm, I can just tap the move to top option at 4pm after a meeting so it goes out for 4.55pm ready for the 5pm boom. Remember, when people finish work they’re more and likely going to pop over to the social media to find out what’s occurring today.

Remember, please track and make notes of your tweets so you can find out the best times your users are online, this now helps you get the exposure you need.

Please try them all and see what works for you. I’d love it if you can let me know by commenting below what your best apps are as that’s just the cool thing I love with social media, “we’re all different”. One post that works with twitter followers might not go down as well with Facebook fans.

If you know of any top dog free apps that small business’s can use, please let us know about them by commenting below.

Bonus tip – don’t ask questions in scheduled tweets when you’re sleeping – users don’t like to wait 9 hours for a reply. You need to keep your reputation up.

If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.

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28 May 2014

10 Business Money Tips – Blog Post 7

10 Business Money Tricks – Blog Post 7

1. Train your staff.

Train your staff, clients and colleagues to ask for referrals, some people forget how important this is.

2. PPR – Pay Per Referral

Remember people don’t work for nothing, asking for referrals is easier if you offer them a percentage for each referral someone sends your way, It’s like having free staff.

3. Offer staff a percentage.

You can even offer your staff a percentage for the referrals they get you out side work, your staff will probably work smarter if they know they get a percentage for every successful sale they bring your business, trust me when I say people work smarter, I was a cab driver for four years, so I did lots of my own research.

Think about this – if you was offered two secure jobs, one at £10 an hour, and the second was still £10 an hour and you get 20% for each sale you make, what will keep you more motivated to work smarter and harder without being asked ? Job two right.

We all know option two will win most of the time, or probably every time. So if you think your business could benefit from this, why not give it a try for three months if you can afford it and see how your sales turn out.

Free business & marketing tips.

Free business & marketing tips.

4. Give them the option.

Let’s say you give your staff 20% from a £200 sale they make, so now they make a extra £40 right, now give your staff the option to give away 10% of the 20% they make, but only if they ever need to.

Why you may ask ?

This trick can sometimes help win over new customers who really want your product or service, but may only have £180 for your £200 product e.c.t, now your staff can lower the price for them so they still get the sale.

Think about this, would you really want a deal to slip away because of £20 ? I know I wouldn’t if I new someone can offer them a better deal tomorrow that could save them £25.

5. Offer a guarantee.

If you can’t afford to drop the price, try offer a free guarantee for your product worth the amount you think it’s worth, for e.g, three months extra worth £70, this will help keep your competitors away too, if they’re cheaper by £5 some people would rather pay them, but if you offer a good deal some people would rather pay you the extra £5 for what I would call value, three months extra for £5 is a low risk for you if you offer a quality product or service.

Your price might be £5 more than joe blogs who can offer it for £195, but people buy value. It’s like buying a new 20k car with three years warranty, and getting three months extra warranty for £5, I know i would pay it.

If you don’t like the risk of a three month guarantee, you can always offer a pay later option, but myself I don’t recommend customer debt, as debt is stress, or you can just keep your fingers crossed and hope they pay you because legal costs can run higher than £10 or £20, and sometimes it’s not worth taking legal action for such a little amount of money unless you have qualified in house team to keep costs down. You can always pass the debt on – but personally I think this sort of work is wrong, you hear about £20 bills costing people hundreds of pounds, and the stress this can bring people who can’t afford it is not very nice for them, I’m telling you this as you have the right to know and I’m trying to teach everything I know to new business owners.

6. Payment options.

Establish a credit card payment option for clients, I even recommend PayPal as some customers would rather this option, the sound of handing over bank details online can sometimes be a high risk if you land in the wrong place. PayPal will help you win over some of the customers who want something you offer but will only use PayPal because they feel it’s safer.

7. Give discounts.

Give regular clients a discount to show your appreciation, It’s a lot like Coffee shops loyalty cards. Buy six and get the seventh free.

8. Thank people.

Take five or ten minutes out of the day to thank some clients.
Sending a email to say thank you ain’t as touching as a phone call or a thank you card.

Most people still pick email as it’s time and cost saving, and can cost nothing more than a bit of time.

Myself I think you should make it memorable, or you can even pay staff to call customers, get them to say the owner has asked me to call you to say thank you for your loyalty, this way gives you freedom to work on bigger jobs, the saying you may know is “pay other people for jobs that don’t make you money”. This is so correct, but my advice is easy, don’t treat customers this way.

9. Get them out.

Remember, business cards aren’t working for you if they’re in the box.

Give them out, pass prospects two business cards each time, one to keep, and one to pass along. This comes down to your training too.

You got to train yourself and staff to ask for referrals. Like I said at the beginning of this post, people don’t work for nothing so make it easier by offering that percentage.

10. Don’t forget the buzz words.

For e.g. If I said – hey, we get lots of work from referrals – here’s two business cards we would really like it if you could help us. This ain’t very exciting.

But if I said, hey, did you know we pay 20% for every referral someone sends us ? Wow, It’s like owning 20% of this business for free. This is a lot more exciting. You can use any words you feel like, mine is like this because it’s the way I like to get the message across.

If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.


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16 May 2014

10 Easy Small Business Startups Tips – Blog Post 6

10 Easy Small Business Startup Tips.


1. Tag people or leading brands when posting photos. If you post a cup of coffee on Twitter or Facebook, you can tag a leading brand – try say something funny so Twitter & Facebook users like or retweet it.

2. If a Twitter user decided not to retweet, but they wanted to quote your tweet, think about leaving some space in your tweet so the user can add a comment to that tweet.

3. Don’t just say thank you for following – ask how the users weeks been. You get more brand awareness if they reply to your CTA. Bingo, this can help your ranking.
4. Loyalty cards work wonders for a play center, or coffee shop, they can even work for some food shops. If you can think of anything else – please comment below.


5. Have lots of photos on Twitter & Facebook – Please try and have more than 15, users will trust you more. Put your website link in your bio too. Do this for all social media platforms.

6. Two things everyone should know is – People buy experience & people buy value.

7. Always read someone’s business card. Most people don’t – you’ll be the one that will. Let them know it looks fab. Trust me, they’ll remember this.

8. Having a real address on your site – gets you a second listing. This is good for your websites SEO ranking too.

9. Having a video on your website gets you a third listing – this is even better for your websites SEO ranking. People love videos, most leading brands use videos for more business.

10. Remember – your videos must give value or tell a story. Videos that keep hitting people with sales will quickly push them away.

People aren’t daft, they know a sales video that don’t give value when it hits them.

If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.

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15 Apr 2014

10 Top Tips To Help Your Business – Blog Post 5

10 Top Tips To Help Your Business.

1. If your product or service don’t fit what they’re looking for, then tell them you can put them in contact with someone who can help. They’ll now trust you more as your being honest.

You can also make a commission from your contractors or third party’s.

2. Make sure you know every word on your website, it’s your responsibility to keep information correct and clear.

3. Two things I really like people to know & learn is – how to get traffic – and how to convert traffic into buyers, please concentrate on this.

4. Make sure every page on your site has a purpose.


5. Deliver high quality content every time. The benefits are so rewarding.

6. Make sure your visitors know what your website is about within 5 seconds.

7. Keep things fresh – bin old news and images. Let people know your keeping track of the latest content news & laws e.c.t. Stay consistent at all times.

8. Every page and Call To Action “CTA” needs to be easy to navigate.

9. Get to know your readers and customers on Facebook, twitter, blogs and emails. You can use YouTube too. Keep readers and customers interested so it keeps you interesting.

10. Use a premium theme – free themes are free for a reason, they just don’t work as well.

If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.

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12 Apr 2014

How To Protect Your Online Reputation – 8 Easy Tips – Blog Post 4

How To Protect Your Online Reputation – 8 Killer Tips.

Tip #1

Spamming people.

Stop spamming people with sales in your emails you’re sending, your emails must give value to customers.

Stick to this simple tip and you’ll probably find most of your email subscribers will stay with you.

Tip #2

80/20 rule.

I’m guessing you worked hard to build your list. So try the 80/20 rule, email 20% sales, email 80% information that’s valuable to your subscribers.

Tip #3

You need to track yourself.

Google your own business weekly and find out if people are talking about your business. If you do a good job then you shouldn’t have to worry about this problem.

Business marketing tips and tricks
Business marketing tips and tricks

Tip #4

Ignore rude people.

Please remember that some people online will and love to try bring your success down to make them feel better. Trust me when I say this as I see them everyday. And yes you’ll probably meet more over the years.

Please don’t worry about them people as they’ll never know the feeling of the life you live, and the amazing people you meet every week from working hard. Sit down and think about this one, it’s probably because of them people you’re successful or working towards it. We owe them everything in a funny and strange way.

Tip #5

Don’t be negative.

People are very quick to talk about something negative online, so the saying most of you probably know is, “a good story gets told once, and a bad story gets told ten times”. This saying is so correct as the human mind is naturally tuned into trying it’s best to tell the world about a problem they’ve come across.

Tip #6

Control is you.

Remember your business is a very high risk online, why you may ask ? It’s because your open to the world, and the world can post and say what they like about you. Remember you have no control over other peoples actions, the control is in your post. It’s down to you or your team to post the right content to viewers every time.

So my tip here is very simple, have a policy for your online activity.

Tip #7


This amazing tip for negative comments will help reduce your risk.

If someone tweeted you something that you did wrong, then you need to work the reply out as a team. Don’t let someone work the reply out for themselves.

Tip #8

You might not spot something in your reply right now, but a member of your team might spot what’s going to happen next as they see the bigger picture.

This easy policy probably just saved your business from getting a P.R NIGHTMARE. Remember the wrong reply could go viral and crash your reputation over night.


If you would like 200 free tips worth £7500 please access my secret page here to view all 200.

Let’s do this together here.


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